How to Stop Excessive Barking

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Getting a new puppy or dog requires a lot of work, and some of that work is doing to be training the dog to interact with your new home and lifestyle. Depending on where you are and the environment around you, some of the things that you might need to train with your dog can be different than normal.

It’s good to prepare for the problems that your dog might have and know how to train them out before they become a real problem. You can do this either by yourself or with a dog trainer south pasadena ca. The first problem that almost every dog will do regardless of age or environment is bark – a lot!

A few happy barks during playtime or barks when the mailman comes to the door makes sense, as that’s how dogs vocalize their enjoyment or expressions. They often hear and get excited about things that the human ear cannot comprehend, and barking at every little thing can drive everyone crazy.

Barking can come from discomfort, such as being too hot, cold, or being hungry (almost like when babies cry). If the barking is not caused by any of those things, then it needs to be stopped

Stopping excessive barking first revolves around ordering the dog to stop. Teach the stop command by forcing the dog to back up and tell the dog to sit. Hold a treat in your hand and wait until the dog is completely silent before saying stop and giving him the treat and affection. Repeat this method until you don’t have to use treats and the dog knows what stop means.

It can take a while, but training the dog when it has to be quiet can be done. As well as dealing with any environmental factors that can cause the barking, make sure to remain calm and patient with the dog to ensure they learn correctly.